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Rise From The Ashes
I see myself
in the ways you feel
in the moments you crack
in the sad look in your eyes.
When I see you looking
for his car
not being sure if you want to see him or not
for the sake of justice.
I see myself.
When I know you're breaking
because just being in the same place
tears you apart,
I see myself.
Trying to figure out what's wrong
and what makes you feel this way.
You just want to know,
but no one wants to talk about it.
It's awkward,
they'll say.
It's your fault,
they'll say.
It's not a big deal,
they'll say.
But in truth,
they just don't understand you
and the complex ways you feel.
They don't see
the feelings you want to show them
they don't understand
that you were just a little girl
They are blind
because they cannot see what you've been through.
You're just trying to find your way
and I see you're trying so hard.
I wish I could help you
with better advice than
"wait through it"
"you'll feel better eventually"
"eventually you'll look back and be proud of how far you've come"
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Scars by KuroDoll20 Scars :iconkurodoll20:KuroDoll20 1 2
You're Not Fair
It's not fair
that it's almost four in the morning,
and I can't stop thinking of you.
But I should know by now
you don't play your game fairly.
It's not fair
that you don't text me back.
It's not fair
that you're all the way in another state,
and I'm here,
waiting for you
when I don't even know if you'll be back.
I almost want you
to tell me to fuck off.
I almost want you to hurt me
so I can have a better reason
for walking away.
:iconkurodoll20:KuroDoll20 0 0
Your Name
I think about you a lot,
and I don’t like it,
I wish you were here a lot,
but I hate it.
Your smile suffocates me,
and I constantly think of your smile,
while you were at the end of my legs.
Your sweet little kisses on my lips.
Appreciated every last second
of every last kiss.
The quiet of our moans,
the little whispers amongst ourselves,
and the heavy gazes.
Biting my lip
and holding my tongue.
Every second counts,
Don’t say it
I love
Every moment stops me in it’s tracks,
and I think of you
and hope that I can stay here forever.
Gentle tattood hands,
upon my sides, upon my face.
I think I might even
Look at your face,
look at the smile,
a missing tooth and green eyes.
looking at the beauty of the scars.
Intimate closeness,
something I’ve not had in a long time.
And so I clung on.
Big eyes,
shy smiles,
large grins.
What have you done?
I feel you,
and I know you’ve
gotten into my blood stream.
I’m addicted to the
:iconkurodoll20:KuroDoll20 1 0
I Feel
I feel like I'm dying
It hurts so much
everything is being stripped away
I can feel myself collapsing,
I don't understand.
Why do I do this to myself?
I damage myself
over and over
I'm trying so hard
I can't
I don't know what to do
I'm trying
so hard
I feel like I'm falling
and it's crippling.
I'm shaking,
my jaw is trembling,
It hurts
and I don't know what to say.
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We've been dancing around
for such a long time.
And after all this time
when I'm upset
I still want to feel your embrace.
Right after I thought I kicked you
you came back around
and knocked me down.
You're some sort of drug
I can't explain
the cold winter blows between us
and I see the park bench
the swing,
your basement
and the small kisses trailing down my body.
Missing the taste of your lips
and the smell of you
I'm hanging upside down
I know I'm not in love
but I know that the remains of what once was
still lingers between us.
I still see it in your smiles.
I still see the love in your eyes,
and I know it's hurting you.
Now I'm following the path
let's see where it leads me.
:iconkurodoll20:KuroDoll20 1 0
I’m unfolding,
Tearing at the seams.
Hitting a new breaking point.
I’m taking my pain out on myself again.
I don’t know what to do
And it seems like everything is falling around me.
I thought I could trust you,
And now you’re gone.
I know I’m not alone
But it’s cold where I am.
I can’t stand the looks you give me,
The way your eyes still follow me around the room.
I can feel you looking at me.
I don’t know what you’re doing
Or why you’re doing it.
But I’m hoping you’ll come back eventually
With an answer for me.
I don’t trust you’ll be there for me ever again,
I no longer trust you.
But don’t I deserve an answer
:iconkurodoll20:KuroDoll20 1 0
I Don't Know by KuroDoll20 I Don't Know :iconkurodoll20:KuroDoll20 1 2
Years and years after,
I still remember your birthday,
still know what makes you tick
I've seen you inside out,
but I'm a dancer paused in the middle.
I reached to you a long time ago,
until I grew tired and weary
what became of us?
A bad situation,
I still don't know everything yet.
For now,
I'm just taking it
as it is.
:iconkurodoll20:KuroDoll20 0 0
This is Good Bye
The damage has been done,
I am to emotionally
exhaust to fight the storm
any longer.
Now I've given up,
only fighting for my belongings,
not wanting anything to do with you.
I am not a choice,
I will not wait idly for you
while you decide to make your mind.
I've walked away,
and before you know it
I'll be out of your grasp
:iconkurodoll20:KuroDoll20 0 0
Every time
I get
behind the wheel
I wonder what would happen
if I were to
my chevy
the left.
:iconkurodoll20:KuroDoll20 0 0
The questions ring in my head,
my dear.
Who're you in love with?
What have I done wrong?
Why didn't I deserve a real chance?
I don't understand why I still take these steps,
when I know I'm going to fall.
It's a still progress,
and I know I'm going no where
maybe I should walk in a different direction
and let this go.
:iconkurodoll20:KuroDoll20 1 0
Worthless Apologies
We crashed
at the boulevard of lost and broken dreams,
in which we fell apart,
yet you still keep your heart to yourself
locked inside the box you've spent so long building.
We crashed so violently,
and I was so naive to the entire thing.
I didn't see that you were falling apart
right in front of me,
you broke it all
how foolish was I
to believe that everything was alright.
But would I have known what to do
even if I did know?
:iconkurodoll20:KuroDoll20 0 0
It Ends Tonight
It all ends here,
the moment I blew
the moment I said I was done.
I can't handle
the winged words still floating
over my head.
This was the moment I fell,
this was the moment I hit the ground to hard,
and said I was done with the pain.
I'm done sitting on your vessel,
because here I can no longer sing.
I no longer know who I am without you
now I need to get away from you
so I can find who I used to be.
:iconkurodoll20:KuroDoll20 0 0
Beneath the Skin
Beneath the skin
I know who you are,
everything you are
what makes you smile,
what makes you glow.
I've seen what hurts you,
what stays on your mind
time after time again.
Wherever you linger,
some days I can still feel you.
I know what happened,
I scared you
with my arms wide open
now I'm closed,
Please don't go away.
:iconkurodoll20:KuroDoll20 1 0
Face It For You
I've been acting for so long,
and the worst part is
you didn't see it.
I don't blame you,
I've been at this for years.
Now my armor is cracked,
and I can't breathe anymore.
I don't know why I'm waiting,
if you can't make up your mind
you should've already lost me,
:iconkurodoll20:KuroDoll20 0 0


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I hate deviantart. I really do. I should just delete this account, but I don't know, maybe in a few years I'll come back only to come back and consider deleting it again. I don't see art anymore. It's just people posting their shitty ms paint sonic fanart, trying to make use of their lives.
And I practically used to be one of them. Ugh.


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